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An idea was born while I was sitting in my office. The idea came while I was tracing my village on Google maps. As I zoomed in, I could hardly find any visible signs of grown-up trees in and around my village. It was more of a surprise than shock, because I knew few places where I had seen "Toots" on the road side. The falling Sunday, I went to my village, which is 109 Kms from the state capital and also happens to be the city where I work. I took a walk along the roads leading to my village looking for some green patches. Apart from couple of trees standing rest was a disappointing scene.

I thought, is it the development or is it the side effects of Green revolution? I am not a permanent resident of my village or elsewhere, but truly connected with my village from the depth of my heart. Every year, I use to spend my summer vacations at my village chasing Partridge (Titars), eating lots of Melon (Kharbuja) and playing "Guli-Danda" all day long. Those were the most memorable and enjoyable days during the year.

Now, when I look at the giant leaps of progress in the cities and comparing the same with the progress of an ordinary Punjab village, I find that we all have made great progresses in our life during these many years. Every (mostly) household in my village has access to internet, got laptops and desktop computers; most of the teens are on Facebook. Car, scooter/ motorbike, fridge, television are the luxury items of the past. The point here is, we all have grown many folds with modern facilities but my village as a whole still remains the same as it was 30 years ago. The traces of development are hard to find. Apart from few development works (may be, after lots of tussle amongst the villagers) like, a water tank for clean drinking water and few street lights, everything remains the same. Still, in the rainy days, I have to jump across a road due to problem of water logging. In normal days also, due to some internal enmities, these obstacles due arise.

There is a need for new ideas and a change in the thinking process. We cannot compete and are not chasing any fast pace urbans. I am just measuring the amount of development with the time. And the scale/ ratio certainly show a negative side of development. We, the youth, should shoulder this responsibility of development and upliftment of the human life and prevailing conditions in the village.

Therefore, we welcome your feedbacks and looking forward to hear from you on any issue regarding the contents, feel and look of the website or any other suggestions you have for us, so that we can make Kalakh more meaningful and beautiful.

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