Green 'n' Beautiful Kalakh

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This is an initative undertaken by the Naujawan Sabha to beautify and make Kalakh more green and eco-friendly. A comprehensive study was carried out to identify the areas to be brought under this scheme. This contineous process is divided into various phases, depending on the complexity, financial requirements, weather and other important factors. Numerious meetings of the Naujawan Sabha was held at various locations of the village, including Chauntra, Gurudwara Sahib, Samaad and at various homes of the members. New members were enrolled to strengthen the cause as many important personalities of the Sabha have shifted abroad or are busy in there family committments.

After having many rounds of meeting and deciding on what and how is to be done, a presentation using Projector was held at the Gurudwara Sahib to illustrate the idea, which received a fair response. The work was started on Phase 1, where it was decided to plant trees at various roads leading to the village. The village is surrounded by five villages, namely Majri, Jadahan, Dhulkot, Kot Aaga and Ghagrana. These roads were choosen for plantation.

DFO Ludhiana, S. Daljit Singh Brar provided his full support in this cause. The required number of sapplings was given us free of cost. The only thing we had to do was, transporting them from the Govt. Nursury to our village. 10th July, 2011 was decided as the day for planting trees.

Presentation @ Gurudwara Khaas Patti