History of Kalakh

Kalakh : As per the information collected from some elderly people of the Kalakh village suggest that Kalakh came into existance some 350 years ago. The land belonged to one Kala Khan, a Chaudhary from Jarahan. He gave this land to a group of people who were on a move from the western part of the earstwhile Punjab. Some of the people also settled in Jand and other villages around Kalakh. It is said that the settlement here was named 'Kalakh' due to the fact that the land belonged to Kala Khan.

In the pre-partition times most of the houses were 'Kacha' and were inside the darwaja. There were two brothers Malha and Chahad on their name the Pattis(area) were named.

The village has the honour of being the first village in Punjab where a Focal Point came up. Focal Point is a place where medical(human & animal), banking, mandi(where crops are sold), storage and other facilities were provided at a single place. The Kalakh Multipurpose Co-operative Agricultural Society Ltd. manages the Focal Point.

The Gurudwara in Khaas Patti was earlier a dera. The then Ludhiana DC who had no child and someone told him to visit the dera where Baba Sahab Singh ji use to live. He sort the blessings of the Babaji and he was blessed with a son. To thank Babaji, he decided to dig a small well "Khuhi" for drinking water at the dera. The well was 20feet deep and a foundation stone was also layed. After the death of Babaji in 1905 a Gurudwara was built between 1918-22 at the place of dera. The foundation was 5feet into the earth and every Pag(Male head) contribute Rs.5 (five). One S. Hira Singh was a weathly person of the village and he contributed Rs.500 (five hundered), as he was from Malla Patti, so when the Gurudwara at Malla Patti was build, the people of Khaas Patti contributed Rs.2,400 (two thousand four hundred). The Gurudwara has its on 5 acres of agricultural land. This land was carved and created by Rakha Ram s/o Sant Ram a Patwari from Behdu village in 1940 and was handed over to Sant Singh Numbardar. The Gurudwara was again renovated/ rebuild in 2005.

The pind also has a "Samadh" of Baba Sahab Singh ji. Babaji was very fond of wrestling. Gujjars from Gujarwal village gifted babaji a horse. One day, two men from Sirsa came to steal the horse. Chabha Singh, a follower of Baba ji, saw them and informed him about the theft. Baba ji asked him to relax and him not to worry. When the two thieves on the stolen horse went some distance, they couldn't see any further, as if they got blind and when they turned back towards "kuttiya", they felt normal. They left the horse and spent the night at the "kuttiya". The next morning Baba ji went to take bath at the nearby "Tala" (Pond), he saw the two men sleeping and asked one of his sewadar about them. The sewadar told him that they are the same people who tried to steal the horse. By the time the thieves woke up and asked for forgiveness. Babaji blessed them, and after that, every year the two men use to come and offer ghee and other items at the "kuttiya".

Once, Babaji got angry and left Kalakh. He reached Kangra and started living there. Narian Singh, one of his followers, also went with him. The same year there was heavy hailstorm in Kalakh. People went to Kangra and requested Babaji to come back.

In another case, a devotee named Narinder Singh (guided by the thieves from Sirsa) came to Babaji on an Ass/Pony and requests him that he is childless. Babaji asked him to come back with his wife. When the couple came, Babaji told them that they will be blessed with a son. And there wish was fulfilled.

We are very greateful to S. Arjan Singh Cheema ji, S. Kuldeep Singh Cheema, Vaid Ajmer Singh Cheema ji, and Sdr. Basant Kaur ji for sharing the above information with us.